My wife and I have put a moratorium on media on Sunday mornings. No computer, no video games. We eat breakfast together. I sat in the living room and read some books (War Machine!) and paced back and forth on the front porch.

Then off to church. My wife was still making rolls for a family dinner so I had to leave with three of the kids. I spent most of the time in the hall with one or more of the children, so not much listening to talks or such, but I did leave recharged as usual.

Sunday afternoon we headed up to South Jordan to have dinner at the very well-appointed Transitional Home where Tamie's father is recovering from spinal surgery. He was doing well. And it's a sorry state when "well" is "strapped to a wheelchair". All the daughters brought something for a potluck, meat and potatoes type stuff.

Once home I changed into a pajama-clad potato lounging at the side of the bed watching some Red Dwarf.



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