Oceanic Eldar Plans

Yesterday I started a game of 40K with Josh. He's using 2500 pts of my Nids and I'm using the Oceanic Eldar. They barely came in at 2500 pts with the addition of five of Josh's Pathfinders. I didn't take the Scorpion, though, so the total points are probably more like 2850.

It became obvious that I'll need to do quite a bit to bring the Oceanic Eldar up to speed. First off, some of the magnetization has reverse polarity, just a few items, but that needs to be fixed. The Vypers need to have more magnetized options, so I plan on making everything uniform in that department.

I have sold (but not shipped) the four grav tanks for the army. The intent is to replace them with "quads" made from the new Fire Prism kit. A "quad" grav tank serves as any of the four main tanks: Fire Prism, Night Spinner, Falcon and Wave Serpent. These all have in common that they have two main weapon systems (well, a weapon and a generator in the case of the Prism) which will work quite well with the two-point design of the new kit.

Here's what I plan on adding:
+2 Vypers (for a total of six)
+6 Grav Tank quads (oh, yeah, this is happening)
+7 Pathfinders
+2 Wraithlords
+3 Support Weapons (the new kit is just too cool to leave out)

This should be happening in the next four weeks. Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition is on the horizon and there is some excited chatter about the studio for that one. Everyone wants to know who is going to play what army.



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