Hammer Time

The Imperial Guard lot has some items sold today. Over half is still left. The Leman Russi, Valks, and Sentinels are all sold. That leaves the two huge lots of Infantry and about six tanks.

Still got the Bone Knights Space Marines army which is extravagant: 2100 pts of good-looking-good-playing models for $1050. Free ship in US.

We made a prototype of a true-scale marine yesterday, hope to get that on a vid soon. This is a simple version that looks good, but won't bust the bank to make it.

Didn't record D&D last night. It was one of the most intense sessions to date.

Listening to Devo's new album. So good.

This Saturday we'll be doing a War Machine battle report. It's going to be different. I was hoping to play my Retribution of Scyrah army (getting it fully ready in like 48 hours!) but the heavy warjacks were backordered which pretty much blew the list. I got them ordered from another source, but they won't be in until Monday. So I'll be playing the Menoth army (which is for sale by the by) against Mike D.'s Khador. All painted up real nice with some primo terrain. That's good stuff.

We'll be doing our Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition Batrep on Monday!

Remember all Batreps take a few days to get them up.

The big news is that I'm taking a three month hiatus from all things political. I need to recuperate and recharge.



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