Imperial Guard on the Block

I am currently in the process of putting up various Imperial Guard lots. There will be at least twenty listings, all for your amusement.

Contact me at if you want to buy any of them.

Pics here.

Storm Trooper Veterans x22 for $110
Trio of Servitors for $33
Trio of Imperial Psykers for $33
Three different Commissars for $22 each
Two Sentinels (with five magnetized weapon options) for $65 each
Two Platoons of Cadians L2 (x90 models!) for $490
Psyker Lord painted L6 for $42
Forge World Techpriest for $44
Cadian Autocannon Teams x3 L2 for $50
Cadian Lascannon Teams x3 L2 for $50
Cadian Mortar Teams x3 L2 for $50

Tank # is on the tank for designation (decal). All are suitable to go with the Death Korps models.
Chimera 811 for $85
Chimera 812 for $85
Chimera 813 for $85
Basilisk 211 for $85
Basilisk 212 for $85
Medusa 385 for $125
Leman Russ Battle Tank 201 for $85 (hull lascannon)
Leman Russ Battle Tanks 220 for $85
Vanquisher 210 for $85
Demolisher #1 for $125
Demolisher #2 for $125

Death Korps:
Heavy Bolter Teams x3 for $75
Mortar Teams x3 for $75
Lascannon Teams x3 for $85
Lascannon Teams x3 for $85

Mass of Death Korps Infantry (x100) $990



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