Soft Flannel Pajamas

Get your babies painted. Softly. Relaxingly. Get them painted now.

One night, I was walking home from work and it started raining. By the time I got home I was soaking wet. Mom had just done a load of laundry and I changed into some warm pajamas. Then I made some hot cocoa with little marshallows. I like lots in mine! They softly and relaxingly melted in the cup as I was watching an episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation. It was the one where Picard gets his mind beamed onto an alien probe and he lives out a separate life.

Now, visualize. A box arrives in the mail. The label says Blue Table Painting. You open the box and find your army, each miniature like a work of art packed lovingly with care inside. Now you are playing a game with your best friend. You are laughing and having a good time. You take a long pull of your favorite drink.

Get your army painted by Blue Table Painting today! It will take away your pain and give you pleasure.

PS- I got an email about effective marketing this morning. As a larf I wrote this post out loud with the rest of the staff. Did it work?



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