The last few days, Tamie has been up in Salt Lake at the hospital. Her father had back surgery and she stayed the night at the hospital. This left me with the kids at home, doing double-duty. I was quite grumpy about it, when I should have been gracious.

While at home with the kids I caught up on my Inbox, so as of Saturday night that was all sewed up. Sales are a bit flat which has me stressed out.

Willow has been an absolute Fussbudget Crankypants the last few days, probably because her routine was disrupted: Dad and babysitters, but where's Mommy? She is starting to articulate double-syllable pre-speech. Tuh-tu = Turtle. Pah-pie = Pot Pie. That sort of thing. Her high chair is near the turtle's aquarium and she is absolutely fascinated by that creature. The next door neighbors have a small dog in the front yard and she trundles on over there whenever she can. The dog jumps on her and licks her face causing her to shriek with delight. She is quite a snuggly wonder. I just love to hold her and go for walks with her.

I have been canvassing for Mike Lee when possible. I have a lot of thoughts about the current Senate race in Utah, but I'm pretty exhausted mentally. I may take a sabbatical from politics until the end of 2010 after this, one way or another.

I am looking forward to this blessed Sunday. My mind and heart are heavy with worry.



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