Gately Retirement Plan

My retirement plan is to die on the tractor. Work until the day I die. Doing something. To hell with investments and interest. What a crock. I prefer hard assets and commodities. Check me in twenty years to see if I'm crying.

Here's a few fun vids that might perk you up.

For those that may be interested, I had a delightsome Sunday. Church was uplifiting and seemed to be tailor-made to just what I needed to hear. I took a walk with my lovely wife in the sultry summer evening, with our sweet Willow in her sherbert-striped hairbow. My wife and I are in charge of our block for earthquake preparedness and we're having a stake-wide drill this coming Saturday. Turns out Tamara is completely prepared with all sorts of kits so we can survive two weeks without any services, basically living in the rubble.

I have taken an interest in lawn-care recently, but I realized today that my front lawn is probably beyond hope and just needs to get ripped out and re-sodded. If not, I'll just keep picking away at it. Might take a few years.



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