Taking Aim

The last few days have been terrible. I left the office quite early on Thursday, not feeling so well. Something has sent my body into toxic shock. I was spraying sulphuric yellow acid. I was unconscious for nearly twelve hours straight Thursday afternoon. As I lay in bed, eyes half open looking out the window, a storm front moved in, screeching past the window.

Sales have been flat for two days. Almost zero. That's like a little heart attack for a small business like mine.

Sometimes the pressure and stress are so much. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It occurred to me that I've been working and pressing at maximum effort for nearly ten years now without respite. Sometimes I just want to hole up downstairs for a month and play Starcraft II.

Friday I felt a lot better and got down to work, but I just collapsed right after getting home. It rained all night. This morning I got up and paced back and forth on the sidewalk out in front of my house, sky overcast, ground wet. I feel completely cleaned out. Like my body and mind and soul have had a "good cry".

Today I'll be working, making sure everything is caught up with webwork. I hope to make some more audio for youtube. I am currently booking projects for July.

Aaaaand I'm done whining. Time to "nut up" and get the job done!



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