2010 Retrospective part 02

2010 was an eventful year. In fact, 2008 and 2009 were years of earthquakes for me in life as well.

Earlier this year I was elected as a Precinct Chair, which is like an unpaid mini-congressperson in some ways. I went to multiple political conventions and was part of an upheaval in which a belleweather Republican senator (B. Bennett) was unseated and a more constitutionalist-type was put in his place (Mike Lee).

My wife and I were called as Cub Scout leaders with all the attendant planning and training.

I read the Book of Romans for the first time. With understanding. The X = 1 of the universe is the mercy and condescension of God, not the obedience nor goodness of man. My prayers used to begin with "I'm sorry" and now they begin with "Thank you".

Blue Table Painting took over the downstairs. I became 20% more jaded and practical. I realized that I can't impose my high hopes on others. Some people just want to do their work and collect a check. And that's OK. Each person is different and has a different approach to life and happiness.

I am looking forward to 2011. I wonder what new and wonderful things lay ahead.



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