I had a dream last night. This is a dream.

I had a dream last night. This is a dream.

I arrived at work at my school in California. My six-year old son was in the car with me. As I was gathering my things together I told him to go in. A few moment later I headed in myself to get my classroom ready for the day when I realized that he was not in the classroom with me. I went out into the halls and saw that (as usual) all the doors were chained shut. I had used my key to get in and he must have been locked out and going all around trying to find a way in.

I went looking for him, calling for him, and found a chain-link-fence gate with some kids waiting outside in the cold on the asphalt. And there was my darling Griffin, slumped against the gate little tears running down his cheeks, looking dejected. I called to him and when he saw me he stood up and started to cry out loud. My love and longing for him melted the metal of the gate, phasing him through it and directly into my arms.

I love that child. When I got up this morning I gave him extra hugs.



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