Upcoming Projects

I had someone contact me as a potential investor-type person. This is the email I sent back to him. I thought some other people might be interested.

Right now BTP is looking good. The hard part is over. Everything we want to do is do-able with just time in a year or two. Well, at least the minor stuff.

Upcoming projects:

Renovations on the studio-- that means finishing work on the building. $60-80K

Machinery-- laser cutter, that's what we principally need. We're in a great position to sell the heck out of supplementary projects like templates. We also want to use it for terrain. There is a LOT we could do with a machine like that. A thing where you buy and own the machine but lease it to us at a profit, like a rent-to-own arrangement might be right for you, and also let us get started making money off it without waiting six months to buy it out right. $10-25K

Supplemental products-- we need infrastructure (ie casting machines, maybe 3D printer) for making specialty bases and other supplemental pieces for models. This is an emerging market and not too late for strong new players to enter the field. This goes very, very well with what we do ie make armies. It's easy to get someone to upgrade their army to have cool bases. I would like to see BTP be the front-runner with this type of thing. $5-15K

Valhalla-- We are going to build a high-class wargaming resort, something like a Rivendell. $2-4M That's probably 4-6 years out.

The Game-- Ah, the gamer's dream! To make our own miniatures battles game. Probably the most foolish venture as there are numerous well-established actors in the market and a whole crowd of people trying to enter. We're thinking a small-scale Fantasy skirmish game. Sort of like Infinity with Wizards. The scale of the project makes the cost vary wildly. To enter as a serious competitor I think would take at least $500K. To do it at a humbler, smarter, toe in the water stage would be in the $5-20K range. Like most of this other stuff I am well-suited to enter as I already have a customer and advertising base. I'm not just cold-starting it.

The Game Shop and Warehouse-- in the next 12 months we're going to open a brick and mortar game shop next to the studio and sell board games as well as nerdy game shop stuff. This goes along with having a warehouse so that when someone orders an army from us we just have everything in stock. $5-10K to renovate (simply) and set up infrastructure (eg shelves), and more like $80-120K possibly more. The object of the game here is to reduce army turnaround time from 3-5 weeks to ONE week!

Well, that's the overview, probably too much information to just give out to someone that I don't know at all.




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