Adepticon 2012 part 01 the trip

Early Wednesday morning my wife and I got up and headed to the Provo Airport. It's a small ariport. We picked up Sarah, Jon and Mike E. at the studio along with four cases of excellently painted models.

We went with Frontier Airlines, a mid-sized plane. I was reading up on the Orboros book, trying to figure out if I want to add any new units to my army and the answer is NO, but I should also take a look at Domination for expansion figures first. We had a layover in Denver of about 90 minutes. I picked up some cookies after we ate a lunch at the Chophouse. No steak for me. I'm drastically reducing the amount of meat I'm eating. I've got to pace myself.

At Denver we picked up Brett and James which brought our coterie up to seven souls.

I found out that of our group I'm the only one that doesn't like to travel. I don't like it one bit Sam I Am.

On the descent into Chicago there was quite a bit of turbulence and both my wife and I had barf bags on the ready. It was the worst landing I've ever experienced. Though I managed to breathe it through, and NOT blow chunks, I was covered in "you're about to puke" sweat.

Then we crammed all seven us, covered with luggage for a wonderful hourlong trip through the Chicago ghetto in rush-hour traffic. Expert navigation by Sarah saw us through.

We wandered through the setup of the great hall, just the bare bones of the convention up by now and ran into Brandon from Grey Matter Musings as well as a few organizers. The boys went for a swim and I took Tamie and Sarah out to dinner at HC.

But a picture is worth a thousand words so here's a vid of it all. If not vid then I'm still processing.

Also, we are still on deck for taking orders and setting up new projects. We have staff at the studio taking care of everything. So, please don't hold back. We are at your service as always.



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