Amusement Park

Me eating a lamb shank. Poor lamb.

I was up at 6:30am or so this morning. Should I get to work early, or play a quick game of Starcraft 2? Those Zerg never saw it coming!

The kids are on spring break so we're doing family stuff. Today we headed to Trafalga which is sort of a mini-amusement park and the kids had a great time. We ate greasy fast food: onion rings, chicken nuggets, fries, and nachos. Just keep it coming cookie!

So... greasy... gut... churning... oh how I wish I had ate some veggies!

The important thing is that the kids had a GREAT time and I got to be part of that. I am so glad now that the business is running more smoothly and I don't have to be on deck ALL the time.

We're going to the zoo tomorrow. Or something. Mom plans all that and does a fantastic job at it. My predominant feeling right now is one of gratitude. I am ever, ever so thankful for the good things in my life. I marvel at my good fortune and blessings. I give glory and thanks to God (that guy I met) for His continuing mercy and providence. I can only hope that I am sufficiently merciful to my fellow man.

I need to get some Batreps in. We also need more locals to do colorful batreps. We pay a credit of $30 to do one. Think about that.

I had to reschedule with Josh (hmmm... play a WHF batrep or spend the day with my kids? Toughie). But I'd still love to do one this week.

A major thought I've had these last months is that poverty is cured by work. Gainful employment solves poverty. You can't be poor when you have a good job. Keyword = good. I know it's possible to be poor and have an insufficient job. So my new goal in life is to organize people and resources such that I can truly cure poverty for as many people as I can. Am I wrong?



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