Now Accepting New Terrain Projects (plus list of current)

If you have a Terrain project with BTP, we are underway to some extent or another.  Here is what we have on the docket.  All dates are soft, but conservative.  I really think they will be done on or before that date.  My new apprentice, Elise, and I will be actively working on these during the coming two weeks (and have been working this last few weeks).

After that we will have zero to do!  So now is a great time to set up your terrain project!  Turnaround will be express lane because the plan is to have Elise (or X terrain-maker) working on terrain only full time.

Usually we need to work in a budget of $400-800 with a very general description of what's wanted.  We do vastly more complex sets of terrain which can range from $1200-3200. 

We don't ship terrain out of country except with clean hands for damage (ie we can't be responsible for how the package is handled between here and there) AND actual shipping costs.  We gladly ship in the US for our standard rate of $9 per package.

Retribution CS- This is highest priority as it is the oldest order, but we are still puzzling out some elements.  This is the least obvious-solution of all the terrain projects.  Bear with us, it will have a better result.  This is due for completion by May 8th.

Hellish Temple NG- This is completed.  We will have video early next week and with approval we're ready to ship.  I just wasn't happy with the ramps.  Hell isn't wheelchair accessible.  So, we made steps instead.  Sharp, hurt-yourself steps.

Tyranids JL- This set of capillary towers and related "advanced invasion" terrain is due for completion by May 10th.

Eldar Outpost- A ruined Eldar outpost on an alien planet is already underway in construction and should be completed by May 4th.  Will consist of 21x pieces.

Chemical Plant- This is done.  It's the main board for Valhalla, two table's worth dense and ultra-dense for one Infinity board.  This board makes me happy to look at it.

War Machine Village JS- This project is nearly done and should be submitted for approval by May 1 (Tuesday).

If you have a terrain project with us, but don't see it on this list please contact me right away.

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