Valhalla is awesome


It was great seeing you, Tamie and the BTP crew at Adepticon. I feel lucky to be able to support your venture and everyone I spoke to in Chicago had nothing but good things to say about BTP in general.

I will say Adepticon cannot even remotely hold a candle to Valhalla though. If Adepticon is the Woodstock of gaming, then Valhalla is the Oscars and luxurious after parties:)

Cant wait for Valhalla!

No 1 Fan,

And another email

Shawn, thought you might enjoy knowing that Beasts of War put a couple shots of you dancing into their intro video for Adepticon coverage. I was watching their footage on Dust Warfare and had to take a second look at the beginning. There is no confusing those high kicking legs!

Appreciate all the work your team puts into the site, keep it up.

Brian M.



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