Adepticon 2012 back home

Adepticon 2012 is now past.  I took extensive footage of the event on the Youtube channel.

On the way home we had a brainstorm session.  We (BTP) want to host a convention for Promoters, like popular podcasts, later this year.  We will have out 5-7 big names, and they will each get two tickets at no charge.  They just need to get their people here and we'll put them up in a mansion at Sundance (or a similar location) and feed them like kings for two or three days.  During that time we'll talk about the industry, cross-pollinate information, and most importantly review games.  Up and coming games are welcome to send materials/models which we will have previously assembled and painted.  We will test the games as well, publicizing some games and making our thoughts known to you, the gaming community.

So, A) what promoters should we have up?  We're thinking definitely 40K Radio.  And B) what games would you like reviewed?

Our trip back from Adepticon was uneventful.  A layover in Denver and lunch at Quizno's.  It was an all-together enjoyable flight, very nicely done by Frontier.  We are definitely using the Provo airport in the future.  It's about ten minutes from home and small enough to feel personal.



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