Empire Input from Germany

Good evening Shawn (it is acutally 2:45 AM in Germany),

first of all let me tell you that I love your youtube channel. Since I have found it I watch nearly every new clip to get impressions, or just for fun because of your happiness.
I wish there would be anything like bluetablepainting in Germany...

But why am I writing?
As an Empire (and Ogre) tournament player in Germany I was very excited to watch your Empire Army Book review, but I was a bit shocked after I have seen it.
If you are really going to build an Empire Army you maybe should reconsider some of your troop choices. It seems to me that you do not have much 8th Ed. experience; no offense... I love the job you are doing and I really like your Bat.-Reps but in case of Warhammer Fantasy they are lacking a bit of rule knowledge and gaming experience. (In case of Warhammer 40k your Bat.-Reps are great. I am a Tyranid player myself and I have learned some nasty things because of you...)

Okay, back to topic: The Empire:

Warrior Priests:
Warrior Priests are great! They are one of the must have chars in your army! They give the unit they are attached to "hatred", so they will re-roll all failed "to-hit-rolls" in the first combat turn. Furthermore they have nasty spells to improve the units. Oh... an they can generate power dice.
The Arch Lector is a natural born leader because he is just 5 points more than the Imperial General, has the same Ld and gives the unit hatred and so on.

Troop Choices:
Please, pleeeeaaase go with Halberds (40 to be precise). These State Troopers will hit the enemy real hard. S4 and I3 is really good, especially if they are boosted by a Warrior Priest and maybe a Orcanium. This way you can get (if you get the warrior priests spell off) +1 to hit, re-roll to hit and re-roll to wound. They will dish out some damage.

Sword fighters are okay but they are really defensive. They usually will be killed within 2-3 combat phases. Their only chance is to be stubborn (because of ranks) and to hope that there will be a flank charge that could hurt the enemy.

Concerning detachments: You should reconsider your plans on detachments... The problem is that your detachment usually is to small to threaten the enemy. In 8th Edition big blocks win ;). Just pick some troops of 10 musketeers and/or 10 crossbowmen as detachment. They can deflect enemy charges and harass the enemy with their shooting.

Great Swords: Wonderful Unit. Get 35-40. They will crush the enemy and are very reliable. Join a warrior priest and everything is fine.

One last thing:

The Hellblast Canon:
I have done the math and gave it a try: This gun is wonderful. Get a Technikus and place him near this multi-barreled wonder. You won't be disappointed.

So... this is enough for today :D
I hope this will help you to get a fun and hard hitting Imperial Army. Believe me... they are more fun than those pointy-ears.

Okay. I will not read everything again. It is 2:55 and I am getting tired.
I hope that there will be some more Warhammer Fantasy Bat-Reps in future and I am looking forward to this.
If you have some questions, or if I could help you concerning WH Fantasy, just ask.
Oh. BTW: If you want to watch some english WHF Bat-Raps take a look at: "VaulSC" at youtube. He has got a bit tournament orientated playing style and maybe you can learn some tricks.

So have fun and keep up the good work.

Cheers from Germany,




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