Follow your Dreams

Pic: out at Greek food with my wife on our anniversary. No one does lamb like the Greeks! It's a shame what the banks did to that country. Yes, squarely on the banks.

Right now, at this moment, it's 3:30am. I'm watching "The IT Crowd" for the fifth time through and it still makes me laugh out loud. People with no social skills can be funny. I need to watch The Big Bang Theory. I just have a hard time believing it. Their teeth are too straight and white.

As I mentioned in a recent morning show I've moved into the guest room to get some sense of order and peace. I worry that maybe by saying that it sounds like my marriage is on the rocks, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you're married with kids you've got to find some sanity somehow. It's a temporary thing. Or maybe long-term. Who knows what I'm going to do next.

Tamie comes down to visit me. We pretend that she's my hot neighbor from the upstairs apartment.

The room is orderly and has only the minimum of objects needed. Minimalist. I'm paring down my possessions. When was I happiest in life? When I had the least amount of things.

It's my family that is making me happy these days.

The studio is running well. We've had some cracks appearing as the studio has grown and we're working hard to get everything to run smoothly. Our main problem right now is man-power. Not enough people to do the work. It's not an emergency, we're only like a week on the net behind. So, I've got everyone pushed to the max while we do some careful hiring. No matter how bad we need people we don't make "desperation hires".

So the studio is in a constant state of growth, so we are constantly interviewing. You should contact me via email to apply if you're interested. We might not be hiring for a particular thing at a particular moment but it's clear that I've got to keep the door open. I anticipate we'll be filling part/full-time spots between now and March 2013 to the tune of about 8-12 positions.

Here are the general areas:
Promotions (yes, you could make batreps for a living)
Inquiries and Ordering (getting projects from a request for a quote to ready for assembly)
Digital Photography
Front Desk
Trade Stock



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