Cities of Death: Testimonial

Dear BTP clients and future clients,

There's a group of us, all old friends who now live in different parts of the country. We started with Spacehulk back in college, and now play 40K. We try to all get together about twice a year, set up a table or two, get out the armies, and go to war.

Its always a great weekend of too little sleep and, no matter how much we play, not enough 40K.At the last get together we all started talking about Cities of Death and so myself and another player picked up some of the sets and a third from our group (who's not a modeller) sent us a couple more. Well life got crazy, as it often does, with the date of our next mass get together less than two months away we start cataloging the CoD scenery that we've been able to complete.

It's not good.I start making phone calls. People still want to go CoD for the next get together, but its just not going to happen. Finally one of the other guys says, "Who did your Chaos Space Marine Army? Do they do scenery?"I thought they did, so I log onto the Blue Table web site and start digging through the galleries. It doesn't take long before I'm sending out links.The emails start to come back, everyone is liking what Shawn and his crew have produced in the past and they're saying that its exactly what they were hoping to play on.But we're around seven weeks out and we want to get an Omega size table worth of stuff done. I'm not thinking this is going to work, but I fire off a message to Shawn at Blue Table anyway.Its big, its crazy, but Shawn thinks he can make it happen. I'm looking at all the plastic, most of it still on the sprue, and I know I can't do it in the amount of time I have left.We work out the details and one of the other players and I split the deposit. I get all the unfinished kits that we have and I box them up.

Shawn starts ordering the extras that he will need.The next weeks were just a blast. Because of the tight schedule Shawn and I stayed in regular contact. He kept me up to date on the progress and tantalized us all by including the scenery in his YouTube vids.I got home from work the day before our big gaming weekend to find two big boxes sitting inside my front door. It was all I could do to wait until some of the other guys showed up that night, but I knew it would be better if we opened them together.

I think we took over an hour to carefully pull those models out of the boxes, gently unwrap them and carefully remove any Styrofoam peanuts that insisted on tagging along. Each piece was carefully and critically examined from every angle by multiple sets of hands before it was placed on the table. It quickly became apparent that Shawn and Blue Table had really come through for us, the pieces were exquisite.And that's how the next day went. The guys would show up with their armies and spend long minutes appreciating the new scenery. Then they would get out a codex and start working on a list for the Cities of Death. Everyone wanted to play on that table. We got a lot of use out of the scenery that weekend and I know we will get a lot more in future gaming sessions.



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