Quantum Flux

At this moment I'm creating posts etc. and watching season 7 of Star Trek TNG.
Today, four thousand points of Tau came into existence. This represents the first two results from the Pandora's army special, first booked up approximately four weeks ago. See pics here and here.
There are four thousand points of Deathguard and four thousand points of Wood Elves being painted up right now. Amazing. I worked with Sarah2 on the wood elf prototypes until we were happy with the result.
What else? We will be doing a Luna Wolves warhound titan in the coming month. Complete with all weapon options magnetized. I'm excited about that.
As usual, I'm working on all sorts of army lists. Orcs and Goblins with two huge blocks of Black Orcs (including Grimgor Ironhide as army general). I've got eighty goblins already painted up. I did them for my D&D game. Those are the onerous part of an Orc army. For 40K I've got no current inspiration.



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