My wife reminded me yesterday that we had a family outing today. And by "reminded" I mean told me for the first time, but then insisted that she told me already. "Well, you must have just forgot." she says. So, how can I tell the difference? Does anyone else have this problem?

I've started requiring that she email me everything and get confirmation.

But it is all right. I left laptop, books and everything behind and headed out with my darling family to the water park. Floating slowly along in an innertube, little baby girl nestled on my lap, was a bit of paradise. She was wearing a little yellow outfit with a floppy yellow hat. She is the mildest, most darling baby; so tender and happy. I just love being around her.

I did manage to squeak in a few hours down at the studio, just getting everything sorted. I am wringing my hands a bit-- I need to get projects set up for August.

I plan on re-launching the Pandora's army special again. It got a lot of support. We are currently working on seven armies for it (four different types), each one quite exciting. About half of them feature something from Forge World.

The Pandora's Army special is probably going to reincarnate as this: $850 for a 1500 point army ($450 deposit pulls the trigger). Three nixes (specify three armies that it can't be). Options as follows: plus $250 brings it up to 2000 pts, plus $100 reverses the nixes (you specify three armies, we pick which one it gets to be). I wanted to present some armies first, but if anyone is ready to go, then by all means let's proceed. This adventure has been received very well by artists all around. There is a special excitement on account of the broad license to do as we please. I think it makes for a much better result.



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