Seven Down

All seven of the initial run of Pandora's armies are done. Final count is: two each of Deathguard, Wood Elves, and Tau; then one Imperial Guard. Pics are up on the website. I couldn't make vids of all of them. I am especially pleased with the Wood Elves; one of my favorite armies and the color scheme came out cohesive and vibrant. Often, they are done in a theme according to a season; Autumn, Summer, and Winter are common, but I've not seen a Spring yet until now.

I am in the middle of acquiring models for the next run. There is one open spot, but you'd need to move fast to claim it. Then I will start the preparations for the September run.

Of course, you can still commission any project you like. Anything, anytime. We're ready whenever you are. If you see any of the Pandora-type armies that you like, you can just ask us to replicate it, even with some modifications. They usually weigh in at $1100 to $1350, everything included.

We are also painting up some models for BOLScon in late August. I have about five Forge World figures and three other projects going for that. We are not physically going to BOLScon this time.

I also got in a few specialty pieces for the studio Lizardmen army: an Oldblood on Carnosaur, which is a fabulous alternative to the Slann Mage Priest. He's hell on wheels, starting with five S5 attacks. A skink shaman with feathered cloak, and a new Scar Veteran Battle Standard. That's it for that army. It'll be 3000 points without any magic items (and about 500 points worth of open space for that, including magic banners).

I'm picking away on the side at a Wood Elves force. Not sure where that is going. There's a lot still to be done. I just have some of the specialty pieces. So many games, so little time. I'm hoping to get a game in this weekend. And maybe a game of Hordes. No, I have not forgotten about that-- the other players in my little group have been swamped.

I got in my book "Myth of the Rational Market". I'm a few chapters in. I thought it would be the opposite of the other two books I've read (both from Ron Paul's reading list) but it isn't. It's just in another area. It seems to me that all of them miss the obvious. Banks and their ilk should be done away with entirely. Their fundamental truth is that they take away more than they give; produce nothing, provide no useful service, and indeed leave every region they touch poorer than before. Each bank is a vortex that sucks away the life essence of the community like the Skeksis life-draining machine.

Just to be clear on that last point. When I say "do away with banks" I mean, "do away with the defining characteristic of banks which I think is the source of the problem" which is Fractional Reserve Banking and it's degenerate cousin, Usury. It creates a fundamental distortion which is unfair; like giving certain connected citizens counterfeiting machines and immunity from prosecution on charges of counterfeiting.



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