I was reading this article on Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve:

Note the words used:

It's an "attack" on the Federal Reserve (he's not questioning or advancing).
Ron Paul has a "gang" (not a coalition or alliance)
It's Ron Paul's "little" bill (what's little about it?)
He has a "vendetta" against the Federal Reserve. He's a "radical" (not a forward-thinker or a leader).
His "gang of 244" (since when is 244 people out of 435 a "gang"?)
Congress is "upset" and "doesn't like" the Fed.

The Fed is only going to "intervene responsibly" when "necessary". Oh thank goodness! The good and wise Federal Reserve is always there to lend a helping hand!

Remember, the Federal Reserve is a private entity. It controls the one thing that you can't trust anyone with: the money supply. In fact, the very definitioin of money has been warped in the last 100 years (since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established).

This bill (HR 1207) is only so we can take a limited look inside. It amazes me that this is considered to be extraordinary. The commoners want a tour of the castle, the mysterious castle from which the decrees are issued. We wait with baited breath while our betters make the decisions.

These people are not smarter than you.



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