The Inner Light

Hello all. For some reason people seem to be interested in this blog, so I keep plugging away.

Let's go back to Saturday. I took the boys out to a burger place and let them play on the little indoor playground thing for a few hours while I takked away on the laptop. I'm constantly working it seems. Does that make me a workaholic? I do make/take time for family and other areas of life, so I suppose not. Then we headed out to Wal Mart to pick up some fruit.

I am working on the Terradons for the Lizardmen army, which will complete that force. Everything is done for the entire 3000 pts, even movement trays. It's a really nice army. I'm proud of it.

My wife went out grocery shopping Saturday night, which is an all afternoon affair. I am well aware that this is a time for her to get away from her regular routine. She likes to do it. We are always well stocked. She doesn't shop for shoes or clothes. She shops for food. So that's a good thing.

I spent a good part of the afternoon making army lists and dreaming of a new army. Wood Elves? Kroot? What would be fun to play? But best to concentrate on a new round of Pandora's armies. I am very excited for the second run, which I will open the door for this Monday.

The whole house finally conked out around 11pm. We just sort of dropped where we were in random beds or couches. I woke up at 2am, and momentarily refreshed watched my favorite episode of Star Trek ever. It always brings a tear to my eye. The Inner Light.

When I was a boy of about twelve, we had just moved back from Alaska and were living next to my father's best friend. They had an enormous house, four levels in all. He was a woodworker and was constantly improving the home with decks, balconies, and add-on rooms. During the summer I would go over there and watch Star Trek, a small pile of penny-candy on my lap. The mother, Marilyn, was dark-haired and with a warm face, always kind and ready with cookies and milk and a kind word.

I am hoping that my own kids will discover Star Trek, dusting off my DVD-seasons of them.

For young people reading this I give a word of encouragement. Keep an eye on the horizon. Things will get better in ways that you do not envision at this time. You are worthwhile.
Here's what I believe. The galaxy is not empty. The opposite is true. It is full of life, hardly any place uninhabited by the celestialized race of mankind. It is we on this earth who are in quarantine, thinking we are alone. That's what I see when I look up the night sky.



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