Well, the call of Tzeentch has been heard. The pic is of a figure by a company from Spain. The game's name is Hell Dorado. The figures are pretty disturbing. They're sort of hard to get. I happened across a few, so I have an unpainted version of this vulture creature thing. I'm going to use it as a Changeling.

I was up at 7am this morning, answering emails. I am standing by to set up projects. We've been clearing things out at record pace. I have in my heart that I want to keep BTP's excellent crew busy. Will you do us the honor of putting us to work? It is a high compliment that someone would trade part of their life (time to produce something that is sold for money) for part of our life.

Once at the studio I realized I was pretty much caught up. So, when the good wife called and said she was going out to run some errands, I jumped on the bandwagon. All six of us in the van, then lunch at Sam's Club (hot dogs, ice cream, pizza and soda). Then when we got home, Tamie had to run an errand (some school meeting) and asked if I could stay home with the kids. I find it nearly impossible to say no to her. I just love her so much and want to be useful for her.

But it didn't stop there. I went to sleep on the couch to an episode of Star Trek (now in season five). So, I managed to get back to the studio around 4pm. I stayed late and wrapped up almost every loose end. There are still some projects waiting to have pics taken.



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