See more pics of these conversions here

Currently booking projects for late July and August. Ready to go whenever you are.

First: I got a lot of comments from readers recently. I have summarized them all into one post.
I would like to point out that you are getting something here that you are unlikely to find many other places: reasoned, measured and open social discussion.

I welcome, absolutely welcome any well-thought-out response. I am an explorer. I want to hear new ideas.

It was overcast today, and in the evening it was raining slightly. A cool summer day. It's been rainy this month.

For me, it is a time of peace. Things are running smoothly. Plenty of food in the house.

We are working on a significant Cities of Death project. I took some video of that today. With the completion of the Skorne, I am doing no projects. Hey waitaminit, I've got that Stompa all ready to go. I will get cracking on that over the weekend. That will mightily complete the Orks.

We have no plans for Fourth of July, thank goodness. Just barbecue.

I'm about halfway through Season 4 of ST:TNG.



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