Junkyard Kroot

[Pics from http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/ These weren't painted by us.]

I've been percolating a new army.

I'm thinking of doing Kroot. The problem is the Kroot Mercenaries list is really sad.

But then I noticed that Kroot are a Troops choice in the Tau list. The concept is to make a Kroot force that has put together a ramshackle force with Tau leftovers. Instead of battlesuits I'll have Knarloc Riders. The hammerheads will be these ramshackle things with kroot gunners in the hatches (for smart missile systems). The whole thing really looking like it's tied together.
Anyway, back to the Knarloc Rider "battlesuits". If I can, I'm going to get two riders on there and they will not necessarily have tau versions of their weapons. For example, they might have an imperial flamer, or a space marine meltagun. These guys are scavengers.
This will also account for the multi-tracker upgrade. Hmmmm... or maybe a guy on foot nearby.
Three units of Kroot: ten kroot and ten hounds form the core.
Six Knarloc Rider "battlesuits"
One Knarloc Rider leader (or two)
Three Knarloc Rider "broadsides"
Two Hammerheads
That would be a start.
The tactics here present something unusual. For a shooty army, like Tau, the enemy keeps advancing until they are broken or they clean up on the weak-in-combat Tau. But what if there are giant units of close combat troops coming in from random board edges?
Since this poste I have got a lot of input. Here's one:

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I wanted to comment on this post - http://bluetablepainting.blogspot.com/2009/07/junkyard-kroot.html as follows:-

If you want some good inspiration along these lines, take a look at Marco Chulze's Kroot Renegade army, who have captured a Tau Ethereal and forced the Tau to do their bidding - http://www.hivefleetmoloch.de/kroot_renegades.php

Remember that for a codex-legal Tau army you need 1+ battlesuit commander and 1+ unit of Fire Warriors. You can proxy these, of course.

It might be worthwhile taking a look at the Kompletely Kroot 5th ed Kroot Kodex as well. It is unofficial, but very impressive nonetheless. Perhaps you could make an army that works with the Tau and Kroot codexes.

Lastly, on the subject of Kroot units in Tau armies themselves, I use two units of Kroot all the time. I prefer large units (10 Kroot & 12 Hounds). They are good for so many things, they are practically indispensible. 2+ cover saves in woods/ jungles, deploy to push back deep strikers, droppods and daemon armies, infiltrate to deny enemy scout movement (esp Valkyries and Vendettas) and outflank to attack backfield armour or to threaten objectives. Oh, yes, they are fairly handy in close combat as well if you pick your fights ;)

I have lots of Kroot, inc FW Kroot, so I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this one.




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