As I'm thinking all this stuff over there is an elephant that keeps sneaking into the room.

What prevents the accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of a few? I imagine some Libertarian paradise if only the government would leave us alone, but more likely an oligarchy-type thing would just raise up in its place.

A progressive tax code (ie more taxes the more you make) is one way to accomplish this. If only the government could be trusted to administer it equitably. The worst situation is when government is in bed with the business, becoming, effectively a tool to force the will of the oligarchs on the people.

This is apparent in the book Open Veins of Latin America. Long story short: capitalism didn't work out so well for the central american indians.

The consolidation of power and resources is the root of Tyranny. The dispersal of those things is Liberty.

As a side note this ties into Mormon cosmology: Heavenly Father disperses unlimited resources to the individual and gives freedom of choice. His Adversary vows to take the treasures of the earth and consolidate military, economic and religious power to oppress mankind.



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