First Thing in the Morning

Hmmm... a blood-spattered helmet with a hole in it. What happened here?

Flash back to Thursday morning. I woke up with an almighty crick in my back. It felt like a mule had kicked me right between the shoulderblades. Throughout the day the ache swelled within my rib-cage until the whole of my torso was full of ill-being. I could barely get in the car for a date with my wife. We went out to sushi and a massage (my splurge for her birthday!). That last part really did the trick, shrinking that grapefruit-sized agony down to about a pea.

This morning I felt ever so much better.

I went straight to work, picking up Taco Bell for breakfast. Oh my.

Exciting things are in the works now at the studio:

  • We're working on 5500 points of Tau, that just got out to assembly (this is for Pandora's armies). Some Forge World models are en route for that.
  • There are about four armies waiting for pictures, among which is a Vampire Counts force.
  • Materials for the next studio army arrived today: the Fate Weavers. This is meant to be a dual use army: 40K or Fantasy. Here are the assembly specs for that in case anyone is interested:

F a t e w e a v e r s
Tzeentch Daemons army for Fantasy and 40K

General Notes on Assembly
Models will be mounts on rounds. Each 40mm or 25mm needs a metal plate on the bottom, so you may need to use slotted bases, and then cover the slot.

You will use the parts from chaos spawn, principally, but also use green stuff. While they are chaotic beings, they should carry or have strapped to them scrolls, books, nailed- on pages, quills, phyclateries, candles, lecterns. All these elements should be copious, like insane library demons.

I will provide a bin full of parts and elements to use. Please do not use human-type or god-specific heads (other than Tzeentch) from the Spawn kit. These are daemons, not spawn (which are ultra-mutated humans).

The critical item is that they have some consistency.

Other elements and iconography of tzeentch are eyes, feathered wings, bird-heads and flames.

I would love some slate bases. Otherwise full texture.

Horrors of Tzeentch
Please make five prototypes then see me to discuss.
These are mounted on 25mm rounds. They each need a 15mm metal plate on the bottom. They will need to rank up for warhammer fantasy. See general notes above.

Horrors of Tzeentch Centerpieces
These should be mounted on 50mm squares. They are meant to bulk up the units for Warhammer Fantasy.

Flamers of Tzeentch
Please mount on 40mm bases. They are formidable close combat opponents and they shoot magical flames. Using that, have a good time. They normally go on 25mm bases, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to use the much larger spawn bases.

Blue Scribes
Take a look in the book for this one. They are described as two blue horrors on a disc of tzeentch: one can only write and the other can only read. I am open to new interpretations: it could be a flying creature with two faces, one on each side like a hindu god. Please mount on 40mm base.

This is a special character who changes form. I’d like a tall, hooded figure. But I’m open to interpretation. Mount on 25mm round.

While this is a khorne character, I want you to make something that gives him a tzeentch spin. You can totally interpret this how you want. This hero is on a 25mm base. He has a “cloak of skulls” which would be an extensive trophy rack, like skulls on spikes. He decapitates his victims. Yes, that’s his special power.

Screamers of Tzeentch
Mount on 40mm rounds. This is a skirmishing unit, but will need to be ranked up if they charge. They are flyers universally, with decent close combat attacks. Their special power is to slash units as they fly over (in Fantasy) and bite holes in tanks (in 40K).

I have in the past represented them with spawn-like bodies but with feathered eagle wings. Not sure if we have any of these in stock.

I would like two of these to have riders, cloaked beings with staffs. These will double as Heralds of Tzeentch riding on discs.



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