Human Tooth

My wife and I were watching a Swartzenegger flick on TV and we conked out on the couch. I shuffled my darling wife (wiped out from three days of camping with three kids-- tons of relatives around, though) off to bed. I woke at 1am and got to work. By the time I went back to sleep I was all caught up.

At one point I was listening to one of Regina Spektor's more fast-paced songs and I realized I was typing in double time to the beat as if the keyboard were a piano. I was really on a roll! I type 80wpm without errors, and can go faster.

I was pretty much caught up at work. Just twiddling my thumbs to set up projects. Come on people, let's go. Remember, you can get a Pandora's army that is awesome and happy for $850 (1500 pts). I don't think you can beat that. We provide everything; do all the footwork.

I got into trouble today by letting my boredom turn into a project: cleaning and organizing the assembly room. You can imagine how many bitz we have left over. We have enough extra parts to make a Space Marine army, for sure. We totally rearranged the place. Swept and filled about two large black trash cans with detritus. Everything ship shape.

I am reading the planetstrike book. I'm looking to get in a game this week.

I'm setting up the next round of Pandora's armies if anyone is interested.

It was Sundae Monday but I forgot to bring the camera, sorry to say. I will have vids of other sorts up tomorrow.



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