Pandorable Tau

Hey Shawn,

I never got the chance to thank you enough during our conversations over the length of this project, so I hope this can just about sum it up! I had always been a fan of your studio, but reluctant to treat myself to anything given the price; until Pandora came along! As I unwrapped all of your carefully packaged models, I realized what a truly amazing deal this really was. Especially for a high detail army like the tau, the amount of love that you guys put into these models really made them pop. Each sept marking was individually hand painted, making it easy to see which models belong to which squad, and also adding great narrative to the army itself.
Not only was I excited to see your work, but your army list is simply incredible. As guard fanatic, I always lean toward a tanks first army. This elite heavy build is a loadout that I would have never thought of myself, but is incredibly enjoyable to play! Given the new build, it was no surprise that my regular opponents were completely taken by surprise too (that still doesn't account for the following three games that they lost to the greater good).
To sum it all up, incredible experience. I know that I will enjoy this army for many years to come, and I can't wait to get my next order in! Best wishes to your and your staff; keep living the dream guys.



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