I've been thinking outside the box a lot recently. What if everything I've been taught is wrong?

For example:
When you want to start a small business the first stop is the bank because they'll provide the money. WRONG! A bank loan is a killer for a small business. Get private investors if you have to, or even better yet, just shoestring it for a few years until you can amass capital and customers.

Here's another one:
Invest money for retirement so you can live off the interest. WRONG? The banking/investing system is more likely to destroy the value of your investment; the government is devaluing the dollar at a faster rate than the interest you will earn. What about actually creating a cache of all the physical materials you will need, as well as items that will be of intrinsic value (to trade or cash-in later). This will proof your stash from government looting.

I'm thinking of writing a short book. Basically, how to disconnect from the system as much as possible without becoming a caveman or a hippie. A different way of living. And then keep track of it so you can see if I'm eating dog food in my old age.

Is it possible to live in the city limits, in a nice home and still have the self-sufficiency of a mountain man?



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