My first order of business on Monday was to text Sarah and say that we had a big day ahead and to show up early. Sarah's first order of business on Monday was to text me with a reminder that she was out of town (as she had forewarned me the week before!).

It was an insanely busy day. I had an average of four things going on at the same time. However, by the end of the day I was caught up. And Sarah will be in Tuesday. Yay.

The joy of my life right now is my baby daughter. If I take her thumb out of her mouth, she just pops the other one in. That's Willow. She's a happy baby. She sleeps through the night. She doesn't cry except rarely. She smiles and laughs and brings joy to all who come near. She is so tender and mild. She loves to eat cheerios and jump in her bouncer. I can't get enough of her.

I am currently booking projects for September (best to start now!). I am still booking new Pandora's armies.



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