Green Tide

Saturday afternoon I headed down to the studio to tie up some loose ends, and check in some projects (Wood Elves and Blood Angels projects now done).
And also to play a game of 40K against Renn. We only recorded a few minutes of the game, and then some post game-thoughts. It was 2000 pts: Bone Knights (space marines) vs. Redjaw Orks. One heck of a game.
The key to success with the orks is to carefully survey the battlefield, figure out the shortest route to the enemy, then run at full speed in that direction. As I've said before, the new running rules have changed the game immensely. They allow an army to close the distance one turn than they would have before.
Ork boyz roll a lot of dice. They have four attacks on the charge, multiplied by often 25 models that mak it across the board. And this is from a unit that costs about 200 pts. Not too bad. Even Termies can't win out against those odds.
I'm percolating several new armies:
  • Tzeentch daemons (I finally figured out the solution for the grinders = silver towers)
  • Adeptus Mechanicus (using the IG list with like fourteen tanks, all converted up, and instead of guardsmen those little skitari hooded critters made out of skaven plague monks, and of course the usual cyber-creepy line-up of modified humans)
  • Kroot as veteran guardsmen with looted imperial vehicles (basically another version of the imperial strike force with all veterans)
  • Blue Dragons (this one is hard to imagine-- uses chaos space marines list with 1000 sons, looks like blue dragon-themed salamanders with electricity weapons and wierd science type contraptions eg. the laser weapon from the new bastion kit as a lascannon)
  • Darkwing (uses Deathwing terminator list but with Chaos Terminators as the models-- an all Chaos Terminator army)
  • Tomb Kings army using wargods of aegyptus models (mostly anubis)
PS- I shot some footage of both the terrain and the game. I didn't get to it on Saturday night, probably Monday.



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