The last four days have flown by like a technicolor tempest. The weeks are passing like the ticking of a cyclopean clock. Here are some pertinent news items:

  • Baby is healthy and doing new tricks like standing up in her crib and making num-num noises.
  • My wife's birthday is this month. We went out to a Blues concert. We also went out to lunch for some Thai food. I'm a big fan of pad thai. But easy on the spices.
  • I ordered raw materials for the Fateweavers project. It's a dual use 40K/Fantasy tzeentch daemons army. I can't wait to try that out, it seems like a freaky and fun army to play. Lots of conversions coming for that.
  • We've got a Luna Wolves Warhound Titan in the works; super deluxe.
  • Kids start school again this week. Tough getting them used to going to bed early.
  • Booking projects for September; large or small, any kind.

I love my life. It's so good.



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