New Place

Firstly, I debated whether to post this or not, but decided that it needs to happen, as you shall shortly see.

We're moving.

It's a short move, about five blocks. And I want to be clear: don't worry about sending things to the wrong address. Just send things to the 765 North Main address until further notice. Even after we move, we have friendly neighbors who will pick stuff up and stow it. We'll be by every day for pickup.

So, the new place is almost three times as much space and for a price that is absolutely out of this world. It's almost half (per square foot) of what we're paying now. In fact, several years ago I saw this place and desperately wanted to get into it, but it's always had a business in it. I'm jumping on it. I'll be setting up the lease in the next day or so.

I believe this is a good long-term move for the studio.

Long story short, I have to come up with the funds on very short notice. I'm drawing on the resource of the studio armies. Each one is 3000+ points and chock full of love and detail. I can provide more details on request as needed. If you follow the blog/youtube channels then you should already be familiar.

UPDATE: Both 40K armies are sold, and that's all that was needed. Thank you!

It pains me to even type this. I put a lot of personal effort into each one. I even have a line of credit to facilitate this. But as you all know, my view of banks (as fundamentally harmful to society) is pretty dim. I am dedicated to using cash up front.

As a side note: the "landlord" is a local business owner who I've known for five years. The building is paid for, no outstanding loan. So, the good and reasonable price is what happens when the banks are out of the picture. In my estimation, people are better off without outside interference, paying up front directly one to another.

Contact me at if interested. As an added bonus, I will give you inside information on the move as it progresses. You'll get to be a part!



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