This is me pretending to be a rich guy at the furniture/carpet store.
Yesterday I did a lot of scouting for carpet (the major issue with the new studio is the carpet is completely worn out). I found one type I really liked, a marbly earth-tone thing. Another roll, upon laying eyes on it, I said "This is gross, it's killing my soul just to look at it". And we moved on, but at the end I promised that I would come back with someone who actually had some taste.

Enter Sarah. This morning we did some more scouring, and after some actually intelligent questions, it turns out that the soul-killing carpet was the best choice a la actually being a better quality and within our very limited budget.
We went to the new digs, spackled in more than a few holes, and got started on taping off the moulding. The plan is to be moved in by next Wednesday.
And on top of this, I'm keeping up on the regular stuff. Please by all means keep the emails/inquiries coming. That will help keep the business pumping.
I'm currently setting up a new round of Pandora's armies. It's technically open any time, but I like to do them in groups where possible.
New Carnosaur for the studio lizardmen army. This guy is a stone cold killer. Each wound he inflicts multiplies into d3 wounds. Good for Challenges and killing big creatures.



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