Green and White

Utah in Spring is incomparable. It's like living in a painting.

The mountains are still capped in snow, wreathed in clouds, and with vibrant green now, growing up the sides.

I picked up the boys and took them to T-ball. It was like a picture of heaven, all the people sitting under a line of aspens, on the grass, and the kids shrieking in excitement and running around. My handsome summer-haired boy of six in his red baseball cap.

A crack of thunder broke up the game. In the not too distant ways a silent sheet of black rain falling in the south valley, like a curtain coming our way.

We went out to get a shave-ice (like a snow cone). The boys bobbing back to the car with baseball-sized clown-head looking globes. I dropped mine on the parking lot, the head of it just slipped off.

We went to the store where I stopped by the eyeglass shop for a quick exam. I have a followup appointment tomorrow.

On the way home, with the two boys in the back, and the windows rolled down, left arm out in the breeze, it was a moment of bliss. All my cares seemed to melt away into a child-like summer reverie.



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