Tau and Eldar Sight Unseen

Got in two enormous armies today, all in custom foam (part of the deal) and with loads of magnetization, conversions and Forge World goodies, all current edition and looking good.

Again for client "TO" if you care to dig around on the site for pics. Here is what is in them.

Eldar $6400 (slated for splitup on 6-7-11)
Tau $5200 (on hold until 6-9-11)

This is the price for money (paypal, check, MO, or cash). We need money! I will probably leave it up for this bargain rate for three to eight days (maybe, maybe not) then just split them up into units in which case the total is likely to look more like $7500-8500 per collection.

I also picked up some Ultramarines elite infantry, about forty-five pieces, almost all of them something special which will be up for sale soon as individual models or squads.

Unit Name QTY
Tau Ethereal Caste 1
Tau XV8 Battlesuit 17
Tau XV25 Stealth suit 17
Tau XV15 Stealth suit 12
Tau Fire Warriors 48
Tau Fire Warriors Human Auxiliaries 49
Tau Pathfinders 16
Tau Piranha 9
Tetras 4
Gun Drones 24
Shield Drones 42
Objective Markers 5
Tau Hammerhead (both options plus stingray) 4
Tau Sniper Drone Team (box of 4 models) 3
Tau Commander Shadowsun (3 models) 1
XV-88 Broadside 6
XV9 Hazard Close Support Armor 3
XV-89 Crisis Battlesuit 8
Remoras 4
Tiger Shark AX-1-0 1
Barracuda 2

Unit Name QTY
Autarch 4
Farseer 3
Farseer or other Hero on Jetbike conversion 1
Bonesinger 1
Warlock on Jetbike conversion L4 2
Phoenix Lord 5
Prince Yriel - Autarch of Iyanden 1
Eldrad Ulthran Farseer of Ulthwe 1
Fire Dragon 10
Howling Banshees 11
Striking Scorpion 21
Wraithguard 10
Harlequin Shadowseer L5 1
Dire Avenger 22
Guardians 45
Heavy Weapon Platform (box of 3 models) 2
Jetbike 16
Shrieker Jetbike 8
Rangers (box of 5 models) 4
Wave Serpent 4
>> All weapons magnetized plus other models 7
Swooping Hawks 11
Shining Spears (box of 3 models) 2
Vyper 6
Dark Reapers (box of 5 models) 2
Fire Prism/Falcon/Firestorm 6
Heavy Weapon Platform (box of 3 models) 3
War Walker 3
Wraithlord 1
Scorpion Type II heavy grav tank 2



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