Utah State Convention

Friday night was a night of restless sleep. For it was State Convention on Saturday. I got up bright and early. I was going to rent a car to make the trip as my old put-put van is probably on her last legs, but it was too expensive, so I just kept to the slow lane.

I stopped by the gas station and picked up my traditional convention food: honey roasted cashews. I also got two Nut Rolls and two Zero bars and two waters. As you know I like things in even numbers.

The Convention ended up being seven hours without intermission. I wolfed down a chili dog while in my seat for lunch. The convention numbers 3000 state delegates who represent almost everyone in Utah. My guiding principle is that I spurn the consolidation of power. I do not like career politicians, there should be turnover of common men and women.

There was a Ron Paul display there. I nearly shrieked with delight. Oh, who am I to deny it? I did shriek with delight. And during the convention itself, when guest-speaker Grover Norquist gave Dr. Paul his props, I let out a whoop that could be heard by thousands. I picked up a few yard signs and a new resolution to donate and dedicate to the cause.

Once home, it was overcast. I was returned to the bosom of my family. Tamie is out of town, so it's just me and the boys. Bach-in it up. I took them out for hawaiian shave ice, then to the store for staple foods. That includes cookies and ice cream.

I found out that Sarah had nearly painted her arms off while I was sitting on my duff at convention. The ceiling of the new building is massive. Massive. At least I wasn't feeling sorry for myself anymore.

I was hoping to finish the War Machine batrep with Mike, but by the time I got back it was too late. I have with me the Orboros, Retribution and MK2 rulebooks for study. I have ordered additional units including two more groups of Shyeel Battle Mages. I want to try a full-on Rahn army. Really mess with people. I want to get in more games, but I put work first. The day is coming...

Sunday morning is perfect. Quiet and raining, just resting up. The boys are quietly playing their games and making breakfast. I had waffles with whipped cream, sausage and cantaloupe. The cantaloup was perfectly ripe. I picked a good one.

Plans for armies: the Junkyard Orks are coming back, a massive tradeback. I will be making a Dark Eldar army as well, for Valhalla (Aug 11-14). We are preparing desert world terrain. The foundation is already laid. Six weeks left until that, or is it seven?



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