Bits and Bobs

Got in a bitz and Privateer Press order on Saturday. I am expecting a supplemental order of Privateer Press stuff. That should move forward about six of eight Warmahordes projects we have going, if not all of them.

We are running white hot now with a whole slew of projects due to come out of painting this week. This means that the clouds are clearing and now is a great time to get something set up.

I am still running my L2/4 special (half of L3/5 for painting) which is super for people ready to get it going.

Personally, I am feeling super. I had a great Sunday, one of the best days of my life. Tamie is out of town and that makes me sad, I'm starting to miss her. .

I have at the moment of this writing, just finished a three hour, 1am to 4am shift (read: I went to bed super-early and woke up in the middle of the night!). I am caught up with all emails with the exception of client initials:
I will get to your thing once I am at the studio this morning.

In other news, we will be at the new studio on July 2nd. Don't worry about sending your package to the wrong place, there will be some overlap and we are all set up for complete address forwarding with various shippers.

New address:
Blue Table Painting, Inc.
55 East 100 North
Spanish Fork UT 84660



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