Studio Tomb Kings

What's in the studio Tomb Kings army. Now up for bulk deal at $2550 (cash!) (normally $5064) sight unseen. That's what you give up for the price reduction; no pics, just save me the trouble. This coming week I will have them broken up into various lots at closer to the normal price.

1x Tomb King (from new plastics)
1x Liche High Priest (conversion from new plastics and other bitz)
1x Tomb Prince with flail of skulls (I use as necrotect)
1x Tomb Herald (new standard from plastics using Khalida model)
1x Liche Priest (conversion)

In fact all the characters are converted very handsomely.

100x Skeleton Warriors with two full commands (converted banner)
48x Skeleton Archers
10x Skeletal Horsemen
10x Skeletal Heavy Horsemen
3x Tomb Scorpion
20x OOP Tomb Guard
20x new Tomb Guard
2x Warsphinx
1x Necrosphinx (magnetized to also be Warsphinx)
1x Necrolith Colossus (converted with new plastics used)
1x Casket of Souls
1x Screaming Skull Catapult
3x Ushabti with great weapons
6x Necropolis Knights (full command)
6x Chariots (one with a metal character figure, which can be a champ or quite handsomely as a character)

Well, folks you can't pass that up. Don't end up crying because you missed it.

Oh, and by the way it is all on magnetized movement trays.



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