Storm of Magic Snips and Comments

Just pulled off
This release/Warhammer expansion due next month (July 9th) appears huge. A hardbound rulesbook, multiple sets of templates, dice and magic cards. Numerous monster kits AND supposedly plastic (ie not finecast) hero models that make some prior GW models look like they were sculpted by 2 year olds...

Some snippets of the rules:
- The 8 Lores get new spells (the front card on the Magic Deck pack seems to be a Lore of Shadow spell)
- Casting value of 35+
- A nice Undivided Sorcerer (on the big picture, far right on the throne)
- Sorcerer on Manticore
- A chimera which hopefully has quite a few options
- An ... interesting Tzeentch Sorcerer, but I'm biased with Mono-Nurgle anyway
- A cockatrice with a Heroic Killing Blow shooting attack



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