Pine and Leather

Important note: I am still answering emails and booking orders. Keeping up. Don't stop with the inquiries. I need them to keep paying the bills!

Yesterday I got up early (this is Thursday I'm talking about) to go to the studio. A few guests for Vahalla were there. They had arrived pre-dawn at the rail station in Provo (about ten minutes north of Spanish Fork).

There is absolutely no reason that people in the western states shouldn't be coming to Valhalla. Don't come by plane, use the train! These two brothers bought round trip tickets for about $200 each. These were private bunk room tickets so they got to just sleep the whole way. And apparently the food was good too. Traveling by rail is the way to go. I imagine it comes from the East too.

1) no security checkpoint. Just get on.
2) take your armies on with you so no baggage abuse. You don't check your baggage.

Apparently tickets are only $100 round trip from closer states.

We got everything loaded up (an immense Tomb Kings board, five studio armies etc.) and headed up with my wife and the two train brothers. It was beautiful. The trees are green now, and the whole resort has come to life; tulips everywhere.

Once up at the (what to call it?) cabin/mansion we settled in. I got in a game then had dinner. Long about 10pm I was so tired I just passed out. So I guess I got six hours of sleep now. My usual shift.

Some things we're talking about:

1) Valhalla is a thing, we are determined to move it forward. There is still lack of information that keeps people from coming. For example: you don't need to bring your own army. If you don't have an army we have some for you to use. All painted and appropriately beefy points. Also, once you buy your Valhalla ticket you don't need to buy anything else (we pick you up, feed you, lodge you, and entertain you).

2) a fusion of Ultimate D&D and Warhammer. During the course of the adventure you play games of Warhammer to represent the larger battles where your characters have Warhammer stats and are special characters. For this one we just want to go one day more (Wednesday AM to Saturday PM with checkout Sunday AM). Not sure on the date just yet.

3) as it stands now we only have one Valhalla scheduled for 2011, that's 40K August 11-14. Don't worry about the weather, it's much cooler up in the mountains. We hope to announce one more date at least for 2011. By Fall we should have the 2012 schedule up.

In other news things are proceeding apace with the new studio. Everything is cleared for take-off.



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