Return of the Queen

My wife left for Oregon ten days ago. She and the girls stayed at her late Grandmother's house (now a sort of guest house). My eleven year-old daughter loves Oregon and wishes she could stay. She appreciates the greenery and lavish parks, and a sense of adventure. Oregon means getting away from her brothers.

The boys and I have been bach-in it up, subsisting on pizza and day-old Chinese. We went out for hawaiian shave ice every day and watched Iron Man cartoons every night.

Having my wife back is an absolute delight. I am in love with her now more than ever.

It now marks a week until we make the almighty one-day push into the new studio.

War Machine and Hordes are being played heavily at the studio. And by that I mean multiple spontaneous games during the week.
Mike, Khador and Skorne
Renn, Khador
James, Cryx
Shawn, Retribution and Cygnar
Cameron, Legion and Cygnar

I got a Trollbloods force ready to paint.

We are trading in War Machine at 50% of retail (rather than 25% for most others right now).

We're doing a Dark Eldar vs Dark Eldar game tomorrow. The goal as you know is to put up two Batreps a week. Generally this will be one GW-type game and another with an alternate game. This is actually skewed as 90% or more of sci-fi-fantasy miniatures games are GW.



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