I've been doing a LOT more video these last couple of weeks, with a goal of getting up at least two a day. Right now I think it's at least four or five hours of footage a week. That's why the blog has been a little light.

The future of the blog: it will stay the same except have more written wargaming content. Our goal is to have the best and most prolific content out there by a long shot. We produce at least one army a day, why shouldn't we? If I just documented all the projects we are doing there wouldn't be enough time in the day to watch it all. Add to that Batreps and "human" content and it's all the nutrition a growing mind needs.

Got shirts up for sale.
And the first run of resin bases. Our bases come cleaned and ready to go.

Models for sale are in the Gallery section.
If you want to buy something email me first to confirm that we have it. We will physically pull the item then you can pay (we can send a Paypal money request if you want).

As you know, we played one turn of a Khador vs Retribution War Machine batrep before Valhalla. We should be finishing that game today. I am pretty much caught up with everything. Just waiting on new orders. Drumming my fingers.

The other day we lost Willow. We couldn't find her anywhere. Well, my wife couldn't, I was at work. Anyway, she found her sleeping in my car. The next morning I discovered that she must have turned on the headlights. My battery was dead. Willow is the delight of our lives, every day she learns new words. She says "I wuv you dah-dee". She makes faces. Even her little tantrums are adorable.

These days I feel like I am inside a giant compactor and it just keeps lowering and lowering. An inescapable pressure. I keep fighting and fighting but I'm up against the wall of sixteen hour days. In my mind I know it has an end, so I am holding up. I have to pay off all expenses associated with the new building this year. Then basically we are clear. I just need to set up projects and be sure they are completed, everything organized just right. Calling up on God in the hour of need.

Just a little venting there. Don't get all worried about me. Sarah hates that, because then I get her worked up but she doesn't just goldfish back to happy-go-lucky like I do.

Ron Paul is running for President. He's the last hope for this country. Every other candidate will pursue the exact same monetary policy (deficit spending, counterfeit bills) and foreign policy (secret wars, bases all over at enormous expense). Only Ron Paul is truly different. To you apathetics I say that if you don't do anything for 2012 I will be ashamed to call you my countrymen. Even if you fight for the statists well at least you fought for something so there's some respect for that. To the others I say: bow down and like dogs lick the hands that feed you.

You can feel the difference.




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