Dream of the Snowy Arena

I had a dream last night. Just now in fact. It's 3:58am.

This is the music I am hearing during this dream.

Open to the middle of a field thick with high summer grass. It is night, as it almost always is. A warm breeze gently moves the stalks.

I'm working on a terrain project, a round board, an arena (like the one we have at the studio). I'm painting it with a brush, a familiar feeling. The shape of the board is like an endless yin-yang, a loop of two on/off ramps.

I wander off for some reason and when I come back it has snowed. I'm trudging towards the board again, to finish it. I have to finish this project, it only needs one more thing.

A young woman skips up to me, sort of a run. Early twenties. She knows me and I know her. She is dark-haired. She hooks her arm into my left arm. She's trying to pull me in a different direction. Instead, I'm pulling her along. I have to get to the project, just to finish that one thing. She smiles.

I almost get to the board, crunching through a thin layer of snow. Grass is poking through in patches. There are blackberry bushes crusted in white all around. The round board is beneath an arbor now. She says to me "you were always like this, violent with your passions." I stop and look at her. She takes both my hands now. Her hands are so warm and soft. I look intently into her face. I sense now that she is trying to burn her face into my mind so I will remember. It works. I would recognize her anywhere now. "Do I know you from before?" I ask. "Of course you do."

She has a squarish face, long, but not disproportionate. Very beautiful. Her hair is straight and lustrous, but pulled up in a hasty bun with a hairpin. Her eyes are like a doe's, deep brown almost black. Her skin is definitely Latin, a mid-range brown. Her mouth is one of those that when at rest you can see her front teeth, perfect white teeth.

As I turn with one last pull to get back to my brush she pulls hard on my right hand, sort of spinning me around and in one fluid motion leans up to kiss me on the face. It is a light kiss, barely touching. Her eyes are closed. At that precise instant I wake up.

Interpretation: I am eager to point out first that while this seems awfully romantic, it is not like that in the dream. It's more like a profound friendship or knowing someone.

The round board is most certainly this world, or a world. Or perhaps a life or segment of a life, with an on-ramp and an off-ramp. And around it a second world (or is it the first?). Summer is life, winter is death. Something coming to a close. Or maybe it's spring.

We are creators. Owning a shop where toys are made, and being at heart a toy-maker myself is very profound. You can't take that sort of thing out of a soul; it persists.

Blackberry bushes mean Oregon for sure. Also a symbol of childhood. A hedge that keeps things out. No getting past blackberry bushes, best to just go around.

The snow and the grass, summer and winter turning are all death and rebirth themes. Something is about to change. The young woman represents change and also a companion or helper during a transition. She is waiting patiently because there is only that one last thing to do.

Holy Hell's Horses! Is she the angel of death?

Or maybe I'm just having anxiety about moving to the new studio. It matters not. My life was ever Yours, Gracious Lord.



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