Today was insane. I was running all day.

Well, not really. I spent about four hours playing a campaign game of 40K. Nids v Guard. There are eight active players and I think every single one is on track for 800 points done by tomorrow. I have 1720 pts ready to go.

Battle report forthcoming. It's a real wild ride.

My $900 clunker needs $1100 worth of repairs. That is the bad news I got from the mechanic today. That really just set me on edge.

I think I have ear infections. I got to go to the clinic tomorrow.

But when I got home I was sure to hang all that on the hatrack. I love my kids. They are a delight. I can't get enough of them. Last night at the local shop the boys pulled some balls out of the rack and when we handed this pink one to Willow her little smile just cracked open the size of a yam. She was grinning ear to ear as she held this giant ball in the shopping cart. Of course we got it and she couldn't get enough. She even wants to sleep with it.

She has two more teeth budding on the upper gum. #5 and #6.



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