Last night my wife and I went to a renaissance-themed dinner put on at our nephew's high school. It was the funnest event I've ever been to. Possibly more on that later.

5am this morning Willow gave her signature single grunt, loud enough to pierce two doors, but way better than a typical baby wailing. Like "Hey! I need some service in here". It sounds a bit like Jim Gaffigan's opening. I changed her wet diaper and brought her in to mommy for an early-morning snack. I went back to sleep, blacking out until 10am the which is very uncharacteristic of me. My mind and body needed to recuperate.

We took the older kids to the mall for some Chinese food where I parted ways and headed back to the studio (they went to see a movie). Not much to say there. I just caught up as much as I could.

For the Mesa Nids I'm painting up a few items for next Tuesday's campaign day:
1x Mawloc (just have to try it)
30x Hormagaunts (any good?)
1x Seed Pod



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