Testimonial- Boatload of Praise


I just realized I haven't given a single pat on the back in the last few
projects. That is a travesty as I've been extremely happy with
everything that's you and the crew have produced. Sarah continues to do
a fantastic job packing. Not a single ork casualty in the latest box of

Krieg Tank Project: Man these things look awsome! I was blown away with
how everything turned out. The basing on the Sentinels and the Valkyries
is awesome! I think they've turned my luck around as I've been placing
higher in the tournaments now that everything is painted.

Wood Elves Expansion: The dragon is stunning. Fits in perfectly with
the rest of the army. The dryads and the Warhawk Riders are as high
quality as ever. Thank you for turning them around so quick (2 weeks)!

Ork Expansion: I just got these guys yesterday and folks who don't even
know what a Space Ork are think they are the coolest looking models ever.
The Battlewagons came out exactly as I had envisoned, particularly the
HtH one.

In summation you guys continue to produce a quality product at a great
price and you will continue to have business from me for as long as your
painting. Obviously, please pass this onto the crew and have a blast at




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